It all started with a friend saying she really liked it when Eric joined our group dinners as he’d always picked out the best tasting wines.  Eric had a big passion for wines and spent a lot of time at wine stores and vineyards down in Sonoma and Napa Valleys, California. He was very knowledgeable and used wine connoisseur terminology, which sounded like another language to most of us at the time.

Inspired, we decided to take a wine tasting course and learn more about wine properly.  We also spoke to many wine makers, and their experience was fascinating, each bottle usually has a great story.

Over time, despite the wine’s heritage, fancy bottling, or even price, we concluded that you really didn’t know if you would find that bottle to your liking unless you tasted it.  And it turns out a lot affects the tastes and aromas for a bottle of wine, nothing more so than the natural effects of aeration and your own personal preferences.  Different level’s of aeration brought out different qualities within each bottle of wine.  We wondered why this process wasn’t more easily controlled and experienced by all? And we found that over oxidizing wine could cause flavors to go flat. Sometimes wine left too long in a decanter can ruin it.

As for Eric’s magic abilities to choose wine, we learned afterwards that he tended to chose similar types of wines that he already preferred. Minimizing his chances of trying new wines and flavors.

So wouldn’t a new innovative wine pourer that was capable of provided flexible yet controlled aeration, one that helped you have fun discovering wine flavors regardless of which bottle of wine you purchased be a great solution? A pourer small in size, powerfully effective, and elegant!

Ideal for red or white wines, this is how the Sponti Catalyst aerating wine pourer was born.

OUR Story


sponti - adjective │ to be spontaneous │ spon·ti
doing something unplanned but enjoyable

Sponti products help people enjoy life more by providing beverage accessories which break traditional ways of doing things. We believe you should be able to discover tasteful enjoyment on your own terms.  Spending less time fussing with ‘methods’ and savoring experiences with family and friends.